Japanese Ultimate Divinity 

Koureishoumei is a mysterious Japanese divinity involving in spiritual readings using Japanese traditional art materials. Koureishoumei practice needs the following materials: ‘Suiban’ the base for Ikebana(Japanese Traditional Flower Arrangement), ‘Sumi’ (ink stone stick) and ‘Suzuri’ (ink stone pallet). Sumi & suzuri are the pair of Japanese traditional Calligraphy materials. Sumi is the ink which is produced by the following manners; put water into the dented part of Suzuri. Hold a Sumi stone stick and dip the top of it in the water. Rub over the dropped water on the Suzuri with the sumi stone stick. Continue to rub till the water get deep black colour. Repeat that dipping the top of sumi stone stick in the water, rubbing over and over again over the dropped water on the Suzuri till produced it enough quantity. 

Koureisyoumei the divinity firstly proceeds on filling water in a Suiban, secondly dropping a few drops of Sumi inks on the surface of water. Sumi ink spreads over the surface of water and it creates like a marble patterned picture there. Cover the surface of water with a piece of a Washi, Japanese traditional craft paper. The patterns and the shapes are transferred onto the wash paper indicating you something about your destiny. 

There are sometimes amazing shapes appear on the Washi paper. Dragon, Buddha figure, the image of human faces and the animals. This Sumie,(Sumi picture) shows you about your karma and your destiny! 

You can see your true picture of your life with Japanese Ultimate Divinity Koureishoumei. 

Keishin Kubota